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I'm Oscar Lopez. I  have lived and worked many years here in Spain with the sale, purchase, lease and rental of houses, apartments in the area from Alicante to Cartagena. In short, Costa Blanca. I want to expand my area of  activity to other countries and do hope You will be my next  contact. My reputation among my customers is reliability and punctuality. Truly Yours,
Oscar Lpez




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A piece of advice

In case of buying property in Spain, it may for a short period, be vice to rent an apartment in the area you consider to be suitable. It is important that the location has the facilities you are looking for. We can offer short time rentals. Outside the high season this is reasonable priced. Take contact and we will arrange such a short time apartment for you...........

Costa Calida
The climate on Costa Calida is the very best in all Spain. No place has more hours of sunshine than this small coastline in southern Spain. This area is the most attractive piece of land for people from all Europe.

Costa Blanca North

At the northern end of Costa Blanca (the white coast) the landscape mostly is mountainous. The area north of Altea is perfect for agriculture and oranges, almonds and olives from this area are exported all over the World. This area is less developed than the southern part of Costa Blanca. Building here is strict restricted. In this part of the coast there is “something” for everybody. It is one of the most preferred areas for hikers with twenty national parks and endless beaches cowered with a mix of fine sand and pebbles.


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Weather and climate

Spain is still the preferred holiday destination for most English, Germans and Scandinavians. A dream of a home on the Spanish coast is a dream within reach. Even more so as the offer is vast with really reasonable prices. Costa Calida has an average of 3000 hours of sun every year, very little rain and low humidity. Average temperature is 18 deg. C. The very mild winters make it possible to lead an outdoor life all year. The WHO has declared this coastline in Spain to be the healthiest area to live in!


Costa Blanca South
Costa Blanca is less dramatic than the northern part of Costa Blanca. The landscape is probably more typical for the coast of Spain. The landscape is flatter and dryer than in the north. There are miles and mils of beaches, palm-woods and salt-lakes. The dense population here in the south lives mainly in the proximity of the larger cities like Alicante, Murcia, Elche, Guardamar and Torrevieja. This area has the largest number of high quality golf-courts on the Spanish coast.

What we offer
Our services cover sale, purchase, renting and legal services. Real estate to let, sell or buy is our specialty. The very best and most reliable services on the Cost of Mediterranean Spain. This coastline is known to have the absolutely best climate in whole Spain. Costa Blanca is known for the excellent golfing facilities. Simply the best holiday resorts. Sunny beaches blessed with good weather. Low living costs and prices in general.

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Questions around legal matters
In case one acquires a property in Spain there are quite a few questions t consider. The legal system here is quite different from other countries. The questions concerning taxes, insurances, loans and inheriting are very specific for different regions in Spain. These questions makes it even more necessary to get legal help. Particularly by dealing with second hand properties. It may be worth considering buying a secondhand property as this maybe a favorable investment, however be aware of the legal formalities. Buying such a property offers the possibility to inspect the purchase before buying. Spanish new constructions may often come with unpleasant surprises. Assistance of a lawyer is must a to avoid fraud and other unpleasant problems. Questions one have to have cleared are several and complex:

To build a house in Spain..................

What laws applies for construction of house? What permits must one have? Does it matter if I'm not a Spanish citizen ?

Sale / purchase of property in Spain...........

Only persons or companies who are registered in the land-register as owner can sell property in Spain. What abut inheriting? What about divorce ?

To rent a property.......

In 1994 Spain got a new law concerning all aspects of what has impact upon renting of property. How are these new rules?

What about joint housing and communal area?

Such flats and apartments are under special laws. These laws regulates the joint costs for maintenance and joint garden etc. How does these laws actually function?

This is only a few of the questions that have to be cleared. So, the advice must be: Take contact with someone who is a specialist in Spanish law. It costs a little, but it may undoubtedly pay off in the long run....

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